How To Prepare A Cake Using Bread Flour

How To Prepare A Cake Using Bread Flour

Bread flour might not be the best cake flour, but when there is no alternative, bread flour is a viable option. Making a cake with bread flour takes between twenty and twenty-five minutes. Baking requires measurement and specifications which must be followed by a baker. If you plan to bake, all your ingredients must be specified and ready as you won’t have to look for them when needed. The ingredients required to make a cake include floured bread, baking powder, groundnut oil, and sugar. Others include flavors such as butter, icing sugar, and vinegar.

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The ingredients used to make a cake must be measured according to their importance. For instance, if you are required to add table salt, it should be within a certain proportion. There are different types of cakes depending on what they are required for. A cake that is needed for consumption will be different from a cake that is meant for an anniversary. Preparation of a cake requires you to follow simple instructions to get it done. Make sure that your baking materials are readily available during preparation to avoid errors. Cake preparation requires a baker to be disciplined and follow basic instructions.

How To Prepare A Cake Using Bread Flour

When you use bread flour to prepare a cake instead of cake flour, it is referred to as moocher cake. Bakers give it this name because its final look would resemble a sponge as a result of flour used. The first thing you should do when preparing any flour product is to rub your baking pan, tin, or can with groundnut oil. This is done to remove dust or tiny particles in the can to make your bread flour float. You are required to break your eggs into a pan while mixing with your sugar, oil, or vinegar.

Another bowl is employed to mix the bread flour with the baking powder. Your bread flour and powder should be properly measured before mixing to give your cake a good taste. A metal spoon is required to sieve your bread flour into the egg mixture you prepared earlier. Bakers should take caution while mixing ingredients to avoid over mixing as this might not allow your cake to be dough. The next step a baker must take is to pour the mixed egg with the bread flour to cut into different sizes. The divided sizes can now be gently placed in a can and put in an oven.

A baker must not forget to add flavoring materials to give the bread cake a good smell. Your cake needs thirty minutes to be ready for consumption. The cake is baked depending on what purpose it is designed to serve. If a cake is needed for an anniversary, some finishing touches such as adding icing sugar are employed by a baker. This cake would resemble a normal cake if you follow all instructions and measure your ingredients well. The cake must be left in a can for ten minutes before it can be eaten. You can add buttercream if your employers like it to give your cake a fine look.

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